Ain’t Seen That Before


I made a minor, but fascinating, discovery at the annual motorcycle show in Washington, D.C.: A small electric winch designed for motorcycles.

It was bolted to the tailplate of a 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere on display. It’s meant for off-road users; if you get stuck, you can use it to hoist your bike back to solid ground.

It’s a Warn XT17 portable winch, which the manufacturer says weighs 8.5 pounds and can pull up to 1,700 pounds. It has a 40-foot synthetic cord and runs off a 12-volt battery.

The display gave no clue how the winch is used, so I asked the guys at the Yamaha booth about it. They didn’t know. But the manufacturer’s video here does a good job of explanation.

I don’t do much riding like this, so it’s unlikely I’ll buy such a winch. Still, the idea is intriguing.

One thought on “Ain’t Seen That Before”

  1. Hi George,
    Great blog! I’ve enjoyed reading it. This seems like overkill! But maybe I am just not that adventurous with my Ducati. I need to go to this motorcycle show next year.

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